Unknown sports star- Rollie fingers

Rollie Fingers is an incredibly unknown sports star (read his bio here) With a name like that what’s not to love about the guy. And honestly this guy just has a bit of character to him to stream what you need .

rollie fingers

Mr. fingers was a relief pitcher he’s actually the first relief pitcher in the Hall of Fame. And he made famous the handlebar mustache. The little unknown fact is that he’s also from a small town in Ohio like one of our other unknown sports stars, which I don’t know if that place is breeding athletes differently or if it’s Mecca for sports stars don’t get a lot of recognition, but Rollie fingers is one of the stars who was an unbelievable baseball player. In his career he had a plethora of shut out and was brought in after the starter to release them from pitching usually in the sixth or seventh inning if a pitch the wild pitches. And he made that famous because he was the first one to really go I don’t know him.

He had a nasty slider and a pretty speedy fast ball that a lot of batters feared. Well he didn’t have a ton of size he utilizes size fish in late and was known to get out of Jim’s pretty easily. He was a huge asset to the Oakland Athletics, and again as a Hall of Fame player, you have to respect accomplishments in Raleigh has done. As people note, one of the reasons we picked him because of his legendary mustache. I mean seriously, even though it was 70s, you rocked a mustache like that and you’re going to make this list. Especially if your Hall of Fame player LOL. So congratulations to you, Mr. Rollie fingers, making this list of unknown sports stars and for being so awesome. As a honorary member, we will nominate your mustache  for our next article….heheh.

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