Our First Blog Post: Calvin Jones, unknown sports star and football great

Calvin Jones was an offense of tackle for the University of Iowa who won the Outland trophy as the The best interior lineman in college football.
calvin jones
He was one of the all-time great college football and for whatever reason, he didn’t play in the professional leagues in the NFL, but he went to play in Canada after he got done playing at the University of Iowa. He was an incredible athlete very fast and very strong and very explosive as well, and it was very well skilled at offense of center and offense of guard where he played. If you see game film of him from back in the day, you’ll see how he dominated his comp petition and really just love the game of football. Calvin Jones is from a small town located in Steubenville Ohio and he went to Steubenville high school which he was a two-time all-state player back in his day. He grew up on a small little city block as an average kid but grew into a better athlete every single day. They even have a high school award named after him the Calvin Jones award for the best lineman for the Steubenville high school team which she played for. Call the judge is actually the first African-American player or athlete to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Pretty amazing for a guy from Steubenville Ohio.
Some of the attributes that make Calvin Jones so great was the fact that he was very tough. Coming from where you came from, he definitely had the grittiness to him that he would play every down like it was his last. He would just totally dominate people and play whistle whistle like he was a crazed possessed animal. He was so strong that he could just talk to guy for the most part and the guy would go flying. Imagine playing with him. You would have nothing to worry about as far as getting blindsided if your quarterback, or if you were a running back running behind him he would just clear out so much space for you. That would just be awesome to have somebody of that size, speed, and grittiness and toughness to run behind because he does all the hard work for you and all you have to do is run and not get blasted by defense of tackles.
Here’s a quick video about his crash that took his life:

Calvin Jones was amazing player and I think he was definitely unappreciated because he just wasn’t as well known and the reason he was and is known and didn’t play longer professionally is because he died in a plane accident coming back from game in Canada. It was a great human being to be to go out for humanitarian crisis, he was very well loved by all the people that he knew. This is just our first article about the unknown sports stars and the fact that people go on known an undiscovered throughout history but sometimes they are the better athletes. So it’s not a pretty cool story? The first African-American athlete on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Did you know that?
We hoped on cover some of the best sport stars in history of the next blog posts and inform you and inspire you about becoming the next unknown sports star.

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