Unknown sports star: Brett Kern

Here at unknown sports stars, we like to write about and give credit to sports stars that are relatively unknown. We’re gonna be writing about someone special today, and it’s about a player that doesn’t get enough respect in the NFL. This player is a punter for the national football league, at punters in general don’t get enough respect. His name is Brett Kern. (Click Here for his Tennessee Titans profile and bio)

Brett Kern, of Buffalo NY, punter for Titans
Brett Kern, of Buffalo NY, punter for Titans

Brett is an unbelievably skilled player who kicks the ball with great passion with great power, and great precision. He currently plays for the Tennessee Titans and is constantly in the upper echelon of hunters in the league. He’s been playing for almost 10 years now, which is very uncommon considering the average NFL career last only two point five or less years. So he’s definitely a very well respected player, he’s just not that won’t know, and I’m not a hunter percent sure why this is. Brett is also awesome guy. He is a man of great faith, and just a good person overall. From what I’ve heard about him in college, he was very straight shooter-in the sense that he had very high standards and lots of rowdy. It wasn’t your average college student, and he was very active in the Fellowship of Christian athletes. I think even at one point he was a leader or like the team chaplain of the FCA.

Brett is famous for great quotes, including,

Kicking a football is a lot like life. Sometimes you screw up. But you always get back up and try again

Also he is just a great person. He’s a family man to and he went to the University of Toledo and played for the Rockets from 2004 until 2008. He did not get drafted, but he signed a free-agent the 2008 draft. The release of the draft class. Brett’s greatest skill is probably the combination of his power and his precision. I know for a fact that he worked superhard to maintain skill. I mean yes, a lot of it is God-given, but his skill he has refine and developed so very much into that of a professional athlete. Pretty cool if you ask me, because he wasn’t at all American or anything. But now he’s one of 30 people in the country they can call themselves the starting punter for a professional football team. Basically something that every little boy three was about, he is living the dream. As far as why he is not as known as he could be, I think that’s probably just because he’s a humble guy, but he doesn’t make a lot of noise on or off the field. It’s funny, because hunters usually only get their name for it if they screw something up. See you won’t hear a lot about him because Brett doesn’t screw up very much. Just as a funny story from what I’ve heard about what he’s posted on social media, in the local area, he isn’t even that won’t know. When we went to the grocery store after one of his football games, the cashier didn’t even recognize him and told him go Titans! LOL how funny is that? She didn’t even realize that he played for the Titans! That he was actually a starter!

Anyways… So I just want to give a little recognition to Brett Kern, because I feel like he’s earned it and he isn’t as well-known as he should be, so hopefully this article posted here will give everyone the credit they deserve and give them little bit of credibility of recognition because those that make this list (like Calvin Jones in our previous article) and that we write about work really really hard to get to where they are today and leave a legacy.

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