I don’t doubt that some of the best gems and undiscovered sports stars in history will go undisovered, which is why I wanted to do my part because I love sports and undiscovered history. I will also cover some gems that are under appreciated throughout the world today. Sports is a great bridge of cultures, and some of the stars that could have been,  go unknown and our unappreciated simply because they don’t get the media coverage that a lot of the known sports stars throughout history and currently get today. There are no doubt in my mind that some of the best stars for basketball for example, are in prison, and some of the best football stars are on the streets and unemployed because they didn’t have the mental capacity of what it takes to reach the big leagues. But we hope to uncover some of those stars as well as some of the  The history of sports both professional Olympic collegiate amateur in high school, that where just awesome and amazing. Hopefully this blog will tickle your mind a little bit and make you realize some of the great accomplishments but I’ve never been really known throughout history unlike the known sports stars.